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the Pause Jewllery polymer clay earrings
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The Pause Jewellery


At The Pause Jewellery, We believe that Jewellery is more than just an accessory, but a reflection of who you are and what you value. It is a reminder to pause and reflect, to appreciate the beauty within yourself.


Our story begins with P. ,  after years of working in the fast – paced and stressful architectural Industry, she stepped back and took a break from her job in 2022, that led her to a fresh perspective and new opportunities.  She realized that sometimes pause in life is necessary to reassess priorities. She wants to create Jewellery that would encourage people to slow down, take a breath and connect to your inner self.


Each piece in our collection is designed to inspire a sense of  mindfulness and self-reflection, and is crafted with the high quality materials. Whether it's a delicate pendant that reminds you to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature, or throughout your workday taking a break looking at a bracelet that boost your mood and refocus your mind , every item in our store is intended to serve as a gentle reminder to pause and savour life's little moments.


We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. We work with suppliers who share our values and strive to minimize our environmental impact. We believe that mindfulness and sustainability go hand in hand, and are proud to offer jewellery that is not only beautiful, but made with integrity.


So whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or a special piece to add to your own collection, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the magic of  The Pause.




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